MOCA Community Day

In June of 2019, we teamed up with MOCA for their second annual MOCA Community Day, a program centered around the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles. Inviting our communities to join together for a day of service, discussion, and creative activation around this urgent topic impacting our city and its citizens.

This year’s focus was on the youth population affected by the crisis, and how creative experiences can spark change. We hosted “Folk Medic,” a workshop with Kris ChauHellen Jo, and Ako Castuera; An extension of their 2018 exhibition at Subliminal Projects. This program was a meditation on mask and zine making, providing accessible artistic ways for young people to connect and share their personal experience with each other, underscoring the idea that we are not isolated but on a collective path.

Photos by Sean MacGillivray, Courtesy of MOCA.