Wreck the Walls

Public Reception

December 11, 2010

Exhibition Dates

December 11, 2010 - January 15, 2011

Subliminal Projects Gallery is pleased to present Wreck the Walls, a group exhibition on view December 11, through January 15, 2011.  A reception for the artists will be held Saturday, December 11, from 5-9pm.

Wreck the Walls includes works by over 30 artists, established and emerging, who have helped shape the artistic spirit influenced by their times.  Rebellious pioneers of their artistic genres, who came from a background where there are few rules and anything is possible, have helped pave the way for a younger generation of artists who are influenced by their prevailing subculture.  From gallery to street art, this show expresses each artist’s divergence and individuality, offering a visual cornucopia of painting, photography, mixed media, works on paper, digital prints, sculpture, graphic design, and illustration.

This show seeks to allow the viewer a window into the myriad worlds of a group of artists whose careers span over two cultural generations, and whose individual visions create a disjointed mosaic.  Their works recall the vastly differing self-perceptions cultivated in a patchwork art world constantly seeking to define and redefine itself.  Wreck the Walls embraces the multiple identities of the artistic practice, and rather than seeking to congeal the complex layers of artistic vision that make up the culture, the show celebrates distinct perceptions by juxtaposing artists, whether established or emerging, who reject uniformity in a culture that defies singular classifications.

Participating Artists include:

Alan Shaffer, Alejandro Gehry, Andy Moses, Bertil Petersson, Billy Al Bengston, Blek Le Rat, Curtis Kulig, David Ellis, David Yow, Ed Moses, Ellwood T. Risk, Erik Foss, Eric Schwartz, Eric White, Evan Hecox, Greg Lamarche, Jason Alper, John Van Hamersveld, Kelly Berg, Laddie John Dill, Larry Bell, Martha Cooper, Monica Canilao, Retna, Robbie Conal, Ryan McGinness, Ryan Travis Christian, Skullphone, Swoon, Tim Biskup, Vanessa Prager

Valet Parking Provided

Sponsored by: Bear Flag, Isabella’s Cookie Company

Image caption: Martha Cooper, “Happy Holidays by Jayson (J.SON) & Richie (Seen), 1982, South Bronx; digital c-print; signed edition of 100; 8″ x 12”

Exhibiting Artists

Alan Shaffer
Alejandro Gehry
Andy Moses
Bertil Petersson
Billy Al Benston
Blek le Rat
Curtis Kulig
David Ellis
David Yow
Ed Moses
Ellwood T. Risk
Eric Schwartz
Eric White
Erik Foss
Evan Hecox
Greg Lamarche
Jason Alper
John Van Hamersveld
Kelly Berg
Laddie John Dill
Larry Bell
Martha Cooper
Monica Canilao
Robbie Conal
Ryan McGinness
Ryan Travis Christian
Tim Biskup
Vanessa Prager