the homebody

Public Reception

July 10, 2010

Exhibition Dates

July 10, 2010 - August 07, 2010

Subliminal Projects is pleased to present The Homebody, a solo exhibition of new original works by Jim Houser.  Through his paintings, installations and mixed-media pieces, Houser tempers earnest introspection with whimsical characters, warm colors and organic materials.  

Known for his hand-lettered abstract poetry and quilt-like grids, Houser explores the act of transforming lifeless panels and objects into vehicles for expression.  His “canvases” have included skateboards, guitars, flowerpots and basketballs.  Each of his pieces seems to capture the catharsis he finds in the art-making process, displaying both his exhalations of angst and uptake of joy.  Though light in color and line, Houser’s images are swathed with heaviness, the toll of chronic emotional and physical pain, as the artist explores two sides of blame: guilt and anger.  Yet amid that suffering Houser also explores the impact of love, channeling his feelings surrounding the recent birth of his son, Seamus.  The emotional tension, coupled with the stylistic consistency, gives the body of work an undulating rhythmic quality, cycling through despondence, escapism, hope and bliss.

On display, Houser’s aesthetic vernacular consumes the entire gallery space, with installations and murals throughout.  In recent years, he has taken to integrating music into the experience, often with an original score he composes to complement his visual pieces.  The Homebody marks the first time Houser will be releasing his soundtrack as a recording, with a limited-edition vinyl record available for purchase.

Exhibiting Artists

Jim Houser