The future that I imagine is expansive and infinite which includes a myriad of voices representing contrasting points of view that embrace the traditional, the avant-garde and other voices that we have yet to consider or fully engage with as we are still searching for a fuller, more inclusive acceptance of difference in our society. The goal is to deliver a truly multicultural world. Where we develop a multiracial society whose cornerstone is based on mutual respect and understanding as to how we see ourselves and embrace the inherent power that is embedded in that difference.

    I have learned to embrace my multivalent perspectives and double consciousness and to see strength and exalt in my personal and cultural in-betweenness. These lines, shapes and figures are some of that internal dialogue of our shared humanity that I lay bare. The spontaneity is one of the hallmarks that I bring to my artistic practice as there is nothing that is planned ahead of time as I literally go with the flow on the journey where the ink pen takes me. I am as surprised by the outcome as the viewer. This impromptu energy ends up creating a connectedness in search of a better global understanding to show that our perceived differences pale in comparison to what we share in common. My preference of working in black and white is an apt metaphor of my own existence.


    Shantell Martin has managed to carve out a unique style and voice in the contemporary art world. Her mastery of the spontaneous drawn line has captivated an audience of international patrons, admirers & collectors alike. Her art is exhibited & sought after by many top museums, galleries & art spaces such as the Whitney Museum Shop in New York City; the Oculus, World Trade Center, NYC; Governor’s Island, NYC; Denver Museum of Art & a collaboration with the Pulitzer-Prize winning musician Kendrick Lamar. She has worked with brands as varied as Google Creative Labs, Adidas and Nike.

    For more information visit, and follow her on Instagram @shantell_martin.