Public Reception

June 24, 2006

Exhibition Dates

June 24, 2006 - July 22, 2006

This group of Southern California artists shall explore the realm of unique social groups who are shrouded in mystery, have diverted history, and some that have proudly declare their messages and ideas publicly. These four artists hope to further explore the ideas, reasoning, and conspiracies behind the forming of these societies, as well as the concept of power and safety-in-numbers that drives their existence.

Each artist will take on his own interpretation of the values and truths of various societies and social groups as well as reveal. Mike Maxwell aims to initiate a dialogue among viewers to urge them to investigate the roles of societies in their own lives. Whether it is their immediate family, work place, church, street gangs, or their political affiliation. Mike encourages his audience to take a deeper look into their own beliefs and to examine what they hold as truth. Whereas, Chandu Reading, will share symbols and icons representing secret societies that will interact with the audience in a less serious, less secret manner. Neko Burke explores the values and ideals of a fictional organization, inspired by a real organization based in Haiti, involved in smuggling stolen bicycles from the United States to Haiti to support Haitian gangs who sell these stolen goods for profit. Lastly, thatkidpeep ventures into Jamaican history to examine the underground culture and society of Jamaican Sound Systems and the birth of Dancehall/Reggae music; Detailing the rivalry and secret techniques of record producing and dance parties. The thoughts and points of interest for this exhibition will be displayed through detailed acrylic paintings, mixed media works, and meticulous installations.

Sponsored by: Obey, Swindle, Voodoo Spiced Rum, Players Extreme, 3TD

Exhibiting Artists

Chandu Reading
Mike Maxwell
Neko Burke