Subliminal Projects is pleased to present PUNK LIVES, a group exhibition celebrating the intersection of punk and art, curated in collaboration with Destroy Art, a Bay Area DIY punk art organization dedicated to supporting and promoting visual artists from the punk rock community. The multi-format exhibition features artistic pioneers of the original 1977 punk scene, a small selection of new works by gallery owner Shepard Fairey, a group of contemporary punk-inspired artists, and a public participatory flyer project that pays homage to traditional punk venues and the foundation of punk art.

    In response to the relentless economic climate of the late 1970s, punk subculture was born from a DIY anti-establishment ethos, expressed through music, fashion, literature, film, and visual art. Despite its raw, imperfect, and sometimes irreverent nature, punk has established permanence in mainstream culture, not just as an aesthetic but as a lifestyle of continuous innovation, rebellion, and a commitment to carving out one’s own path in a conformist society. As punk rock approaches its 50th anniversary, PUNK LIVES showcases the rich history, vibrant present, and the exciting future of punk art.



    Gee Vaucher, James Stark, Jello Biafra, Jesse Michaels, John Holmstrom, John Yates, Ric Clayton, Shawn Kerri, Winston Smith, and more!

    Abe Garcia, Brian Butler, Chloe Perkis, Death/Traitors, Edward Cushenberry, Girl Mobb, Gregg Deal, Heather Kelly, Marissa Paternoster, and Somer Stampley


    Based in East Bay, California, Destroy Art (DA) is a global platform dedicated to empowering punk rock visual artists. DA fosters creativity and independence beyond the traditional art world’s constraints, offering online commerce, art exhibitions, local music gigs, and publishing zines, books, and records. DA supports and promotes independent underground artists from the punk rock community, providing a much-needed platform for their work through DIY ethics and community-based initiatives. 

    For more information visit  destroyartinc.com or follow them on Instagram @destroyartinc.



    Thursday – Saturday, 12 – 6PM