Subliminal Projects is pleased to present MUCHO, by Mexican-American visual artist and fashion designer Sofia Enriquez. The exhibition showcases the breadth of Enriquez’s practice including fine art, sculpture, bespoke hand-made installations, and clothing. In partnership with Obey Clothing and in conjunction with the opening of the exhibition, the artist will release a new limited T-shirt and a series of select hand-painted items from the Obey Clothing line, displayed in a pop-up MUCHO X OBEY shop within the exhibition.

    Enriquez’s work investigates her intercultural identity through the use of vibrant distinct symbolism, creating an autobiographical legend that weaves themes of Mexican-catholic iconography, indigenous homage, Spanglish text, modern pop-culture references, and feminine strength. This unique style has garnered her collaborations with the Coachella and Stage Coach music festivals, a custom limited Dickies collection, and a solo exhibition at the Hawaii State Art Museum, as well as several mural projects throughout Southern California.

    Stemming from a passing comment by her mother, “Mija, porque haces mucho?” (translation: “Mija, why are you doing so much?”) the word “mucho” resonated and defined Enriquez’s insatiable drive to create. As a result, MUCHO became a muse, a tag, and a moniker for her upcycled clothing line. The exhibition serves as a survey of MUCHO as a brand and visual expression of Enriquez’s personal experience as a female artist coming from a working-class immigrant family, and what it means to achieve success within the backdrop of exploring her own cultural identity.



    Sofia Enriquez is an artist based in California. She received her BFA in Communication Arts at Otis College of Art & Design in 2014. Her work consists of murals, large-scale paintings, installations, and her fashion collection MUCHO.

    For more information visit, or follow her on Instagram @sofiaenriquez.