Public Reception

August 19, 2006

Exhibition Dates

August 19, 2006 - September 16, 2006

Interdisciplinary is an exhibition of new drawings and illustrations by San Francisco Art Institute alumni Jeremy Fish and Albert Reyes. Having mutually departed from the path previously set before them by their alma mater and major, Jeremy and Albert have combined their time and talent in pursuit of their own brand of artistic excellence. Having attended SFAI only a few years apart, both Jeremy and Albert have decidedly taken a different road with their artwork than the very “high art” curriculum taught at SFAI.

Jeremy Fish was born and raised in upstate New York. In 1994 he moved to San Francisco to pursue an art education in addition to honing his bombing skills. His drawings and illustrations are a combination of characters and simple symbols used to create complex narratives. He has exhibited in Germany, Canada, Italy, Spain, Australia, England, and all over the US. Jeremy is also the leader of the notorious Silly Pink Bunnies and Co-owner and Art Director of the successful “The Unbelievers” Skateboard brand.

Los Angeles based artist Albert Reyes has a profound passion and respect for conceptual as well as graffiti art. Recognized for his ubiquitous “GIVE” tag, Albert Reyes has a distinctive artistic approach inspired not only by street art, comic books, and American pop culture but also by contemporary and classical “high art” Many of his drawings and illustrations incorporate everything from icons of corporate America, Hollywood stars, mass media, politics, and consumerism. Reyes has exhibited at the Tree House Gallery, JUNC Gallery, Giant Robot, New Image Art Gallery LA, Black Market Gallery LA, Upper Playground SF, Low, Balazo, Ampersand, Stay Gold Gallery NYC, and in Paris, France.

Sponsored by: Obey, Swindle, DC Shoes, 3TD

Exhibiting Artists

Albert Reyes
Jeremy Fish