Public Reception

December 10, 2005

Exhibition Dates

December 10, 2005 - January 14, 2006

“I Do Adore” is an exhibition of emerging and well-established women photographers from across the world. Each of the featured artists have created names for themselves through various outlets from books to magazine features to exhibitions to ad campaigns. One thing that each of these women have in common is their passion and talent for photography. Their styles range from street documentation to editorial, fine art to photojournalism and portraiture. In a fusing of all these unique styles from such influential photographers, “I Do Adore” brings with it all the character and emotion that these artists have captured from behind the lens. Every photographer that was invited to be a part of this exhibition has shown the exceptional ability to find the hidden energy within a setting and bring its image to life.

Exhibiting Artists

Abbey Drucker
Angela Boatwright
Cheryl Dunn
Chrissey Piper
Claire Weiss
Deanna Templeton
Emily Shur
Helena Kvarnstrom
Jenny Lens
Ye Rin Mok
Zen Sekizawa