#girlgaze: UNCENSORED


    Subliminal Projects is pleased to present #girlgaze: UNCENSORED, a group exhibition featuring photographs by young, female-identifying photographers. The body and all of its beautiful imperfections will be on display as the #girlgaze: UNCENSORED exhibit debuts at Subliminal Projects. Curated by media entrepreneur Amanda de Cadenet, the exhibition is a collaboration between Girlgaze, de Cadenet’s social media movement-turned-digital media company, and Subliminal Projects in an effort to proactively increase visibility and opportunities for young female-identifying artists, challenging the creative industry’s gender bias by showcasing their extraordinary talent.

    The exhibition, open September 29, 2017 – October 28, 2017, will feature selected artwork by over 50 photographers from the worldwide #girlgaze community, celebrating the human body – all different shapes, sizes, and stages – including parts that are generally kept hidden from the public eye. This uncensored experience will advance conversation around the beauty of imperfection while also showcasing the universality of the female-identifying experience, addressing historically taboo subjects including scars, rolls, body hair, transitioning, and internal struggles such as anxiety and depression.

    Highlighted artists include Kimbra Audrey, Elinor Carucci, Robin de Puy, Samera Paz, Nolwen Cifuentes, Lauren Woods, Flora Negri, and many more members of the #girlgaze community, as well as #girlgaze committee member Lynsey Addario. Artists were selected directly from over 2.8 million submissions uploaded using the hashtag of the same namesake – demonstrating the importance in providing visibility to those turning to digital media platforms, such as Instagram, to provide their perspective of today’s culture.

    “We are excited to partner with Amanda and Shepard Fairey and their team at Subliminal Projects to highlight two big issues: the under-representation of the female gaze and the censorship of the female body,” – Girlgaze founder and CEO Amanda de Cadenet.

    Having just celebrated their 21st anniversary, Subliminal is also no stranger to highlighting and advocating on behalf of diversity within the creative community. Since 1995, the company has partnered with artists, organizations, and brands that promote diverse forms of art and provide a platform for contemporary dialogue, and has consistently embraced new forms of art, illustration, photography, and time-based media.

    “Shepard and I believe in the power of The Girlgaze Foundation to showcase and empower emerging female-identifying artists,” said Amanda Fairey, co-founder of Subliminal Projects. “We established our gallery to showcase young artists that we believe in and we are happy to show #girlgaze: UNCENSORED and look forward to watching these young artists flourish.”

    In addition to hosting the exhibit, Subliminal Projects and its partnering companies all founded by Shepard Fairey will be supporting Girlgaze on a larger fundraising capacity. Obey Clothing will be providing shirts featuring an exclusive illustration designed by Studio Number One with all proceeds donated back to The Girlgaze Foundation. A future release of posters featuring the illustration will be released mid-show. Prints of select photographs will also be available for sale at Subliminal Projects, with special requests being fulfilled by the event’s exclusive framing partner, Framebridge.



    GIRLGAZE is a digital media company based in Los Angeles that promotes and highlights the work of female-identifying Gen Z photographers and directors. Our mission is to close the gender gap by creating visibility and tangible jobs for girls behind the lens, and through our non-profit arm we are able to fund female-led creative projects. With over TWO million submissions and counting, Girlgaze is expanding our for-profit arm of the company into management of female photographers, original video content, IRL events and eCommerce. Founded in 2016 by Amanda de Cadenet, the creator of The Conversation, Girlgaze understands the Gen Z demographic and collaborates with brand partners such as Gap, Teen Vogue, SHINOLA, Warby Parker and more to create visibility and job opportunities that lead to financial stability  for the next generation of creative girls.

    Instagram: @girlgazeproject



    OBEY CLOTHING is a lifestyle apparel brand developed in 2001 by artist Shepard Fairey. Built off of heritage fundamentals from military design, skateboarding, music and cultural movements, OBEY Clothing weaves a story of experience and appreciation for those that came before and those that stand out with originality today. OBEY celebrates the disenfranchised and the brave, the people that think and express themselves uniquely and aren’t afraid to do something different It’s about experience and observation.

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    STUDIO NUMBER ONE (SNO) is a full service creative agency based in Echo Park and founded by artist Shepard Fairey. SNO helps brands take a stand by creating visual experiences and stories worth sharing through strong messaging, iconic design, and methods of disruption.

    Instagram: @studionumberone