Exhibition Dates

May 05, 2006 - June 02, 2006

For the past 15 years Tim Hussey has worked as an illustrator, designer, instructor and painter. Starting in 1992 as a set designer for MTV, where his paintings were shown on air as a live performance, he then went on to do editorial illustration for clients ranging from Ray Gun to The New York Times to Rolling Stone. While maintaining his illustration/painting career, in 1994 he began designing for magazines like GQ and Outside Magazine. He used these two sides of the business harmoniously and began teaching related courses at The School of Visual Arts in New York. He has received numerous awards and international recognition for his work in illustration, design and fine art including American Illustration (Top 20 of the Year/2001), Print Magazine, Society of Illustrators and Communication Arts. After 6 years in New York he spent a year in Santa Fe, then moved to a farm in Tennessee and began to focus primarily on fine art. Since then he has shown his work throughout the country in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including New York, Detroit, Nashville, San Jose and L.A. Tim now resides in his hometown of Charleston, SC.

Anne Faith Nicholls was born in Victoria, British Columbia in 1979 with a backwards heart. After open-heart surgery, Anne moved with her mother to Seattle where she was raised an only child. Anne credits these early experiences, as well as her upbringing, as the foundation and fuel that transformed her affinity for art into a necessity for expression. Themes of uncertainty, loneliness, urban chaos, flight, decay and growth can be identified by recurring images, symbolism, and characters within all of Anne’s work. Her highly personal messages are delivered in a whimsical, untraditional and often experimental painting style. Using a broad range of materials on each and every work, Anne often paints intuitively, allowing ideas to take form while in progress. An avid antiques collector, animal lover, and art history junkie, she finds her inspiration in salvage yards, on walks in the city, and on walls of museums. She has received national recognition and awards for illustration, fine art, advertising design, and was featured in the November 2005 issue of Juxtapoz Magazine. Currently the artist resides in San Francisco and continues to exhibit her art in prominent galleries and collections around the country.

Exhibiting Artists

Anne Faith Nicholls
Tim Hussey