• Ako Castuera
  • Hellen Jo
  • Kris Chau

Subliminal Projects is pleased to present FOLK MEDIC, an exhibition of new works, collaborative works, and installations, by Kris Chau, Ako Castuera, and Helen Jo.

The sane and the supernatural find equal footing in this collection of new work by three friends. FOLK MEDIC and the works within it are acts of healing made in a time of historic upheaval. This upheaval bears threats against our physical bodies, our intangible selves, and the sustaining resource that is our ability to connect with one another. The works are presented as conduits for the forces that affect us all, underscoring the idea that we are not isolated but rather on a collective path. In FOLK MEDIC, we anchor ourselves within our relationships with great joy and gratitude.

This exhibition was made possible by the support of OBEY CLOTHING.


KRIS CHAU is a first generation Vietnamese Chinese American from Honolulu, Hawaii whose parents are Refugees from the Vietnam War. Her work is an ever evolving language of symbolism gathered from different cultures and mythologies, as well as the healing arts of just painting your questions, answers, hurts, and joys.

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( @chaufacetime ).

AKO CASTUERA is an Okinawan-Mexican American artist from Los Angeles. Her sculptures combine animal, human, botanical and architectural elements suggesting a world of fluid borders and intangible connections. She is also known for her work as a storyboard artist and writer on the television show, ‘Adventure Time’.

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HELLEN JO is a second generation Korean American from South San Jose; she has been living in Los Angeles for eight years. Her work depicts sullen, disaffected teenage girls in paintings, comics, and illustration. She has a special fascination for the AZN schoolyard bullies of her late nineties adolescence.

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