DEE DEE RAMONE: A Memorial Exhibition

Public Reception

October 27, 2012

Exhibition Dates

October 27, 2012 - November 17, 2012

I have been a fan of the Ramones since I got into punk rock in 1984. The Ramones always impressed me with their style, blending a sense of humor with aggression and pop melody. I did not realize Dee Dee Ramone made art until a few years ago, but it does not surprise me that Dee Dee mixes the same sensibilities in his art that the Ramones had as a band. In Dee Dee’s art there is a connection to Warhol’s Pop art, Basquiat’s street scrawl, and Punk’s sense of humor and antagonism that feels like an uninhibited visual manifestation of the fun and bizarre  world of Dee Dee. I feel very lucky that Subliminal Projects can showcase these paintings and share the visual dimension of Dee Dee’s remarkable creativity. (Shepard Fairey, 2012)

SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS is pleased to announce an exhibition of artwork by Dee Dee Ramone. The exhibition commemorates the 10th Anniversary of Dee Dee’s death and celebrates the influence of this enigmatic rock icon and his valuable contribution to the punk rock movement.

Dee Dee was best known as the bassist, songwriter, and one of the founding members of the legendary American punk rock band, the Ramones. His sincere love for the visual arts and his boundless imagination inspired an ongoing series of paintings he created throughout his lifetime. These paintings are described by those who were close with the artist as highly reflective of his personality through their rebellious, dynamic, eccentric, and comedic aesthetic.

For this memorial exhibition, SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS has teamed up with the artist’s estate to present a substantive body of Dee Dee’s original work, on display for the first time in North America. These rare paintings were recently recovered on behalf of Dee Dee’s Estate after years of passion, persistence and determination. Collected in an effort to preserve Dee Dee’s multifaceted legacy, these works will now be on view to the public, providing a window into the identity, artistic talents, and unique persona of the legendary Dee Dee Ramone.

In addition to work by Dee Dee, Shepard Fairey will be releasing a print based off selected images provided by Dee Dee’s Estate. This print will be available for purchase, along with a print of Dee Dee’s Untitled (Self Portrait), 2002. As a way to further honor what Dee Dee contributed to others during his lifetime, a portion of proceeds from sales of the Untitled (Self Portrait) print will be donated to the Los Angeles Food Bank in Dee Dee’s honor. For more information on Dee Dee please visit

Exhibiting Artists

Dee Dee Ramone
Shepard Fairey