Public Reception

September 30, 2005

Exhibition Dates

September 30, 2005 - November 11, 2005

Goldmine Shithouse (GMSH) is an artist collaborative that was started by artists David Hochbaum, Travis Lindquist, and Colin Burns in early 2003.  The work of Goldmine Shithouse deals with sometimes violent and difficult themes, filtered through their inexhaustible sense of humor.  The contrast of horror and comedy creates a paradox that is relevant, entertaining, and infectious.  The visual elements are derived from a variety of sources, including classical references, the artists’ own sketchbooks, as well as the smorgasbord of popular culture.  The work is started by one artist, then passed on, or put aside until picked up by another, and so on, as the piece begins to take shape.  At one point, the majority rules in the decision to continue, or deem it finished.  This creates a communal atmosphere and a dialogue between the participants, in which all the artists involved have say.  The primary focus is on painting, drawing, and collage, but has extended into the realm of video and music/punk rock art noise (Murder Baby).  Since the insurrection of GMSH, hundreds of drawings and paintings have resulted from this immensely enjoyable and highly productive process.  The artwork has been alternately described illustrative, painterly, humorous, expressionistic, politically incorrect, poetic and edgy.

Sponsored by: Obey, DC, 3TD

Exhibiting Artists

Goldmine Shithouse