BDX-LAX: Faraway So Close

Public Reception

August 02, 2013

Exhibition Dates

August 02, 2013 - August 24, 2013




Opening Reception: Friday, August 2 • 8 – 11 PM

Exhibition Dates: August 3 – August 24, 2013

BDX-LAX: Faraway So Close is a group exhibition featuring contemporary artists from Los Angeles and Bordeaux (twin cities since 1964). SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS is the first West Coast venue this ongoing exchange has been exhibited. The aim of the project is to support and promote the local art scene of both cities through an exhibition series that alternates between locations each year, featuring contemporary artists from both areas.

Without a common program, nor strict uniqueness, these artists with very different styles meet at the crossroad of art and pop culture…they are influenced by all forms of counter culture elements: surfing, skating, graffiti, tattoo art, hip-hop, punk rock… Some audacious and powerful paintings, others childish or provocative drawings, the work is not elitist and draws from elements of folkloric art to cartoons to pets…These artists don’t lay claim to any school. From their words to their style, they are free, engaged, and unique.  – Carine Dall’Agnol (Project Manager, Flash Association)

Exhibited Los Angeles artists include: Andrew Holder, Andy Howell, Mel Kadel, and Jeff Soto. Holder is a Florida native who has resided in Southern California for most of his life. His work blends elements of nature and graphic design to create clean, distinct imagery that speaks of Nordic influences. Howell is a legend amongst the skateboarding community who has gained attention in the art world through his detailed paintings that combine surreal, graffiti-like caricatures of humans and nature with intense colors and stylized imagery. Kadel’s work is fluid, patterned and balanced, applying a colorful use of layers, interconnectedness, and activity. Soto is an artist, illustrator and muralist whose distinct and vivid color palette, subject matter and technique bridge the gap between Pop Surrealism and graffiti.

Exhibited Bordeaux artists include: Derik, Olivier Specio, and Sylvain Havec. These artists bring with them a range, style, and playfulness representative of existing trends in the urban art community of Southern France. The content of their art wavers between raw paintings of fantastical characters to hyper-active imagery reminiscent of 80s video games to humorous, pictorial, and graphic narratives with imaginative characters inspired by everyday encounters.

We would like to thank BULKO, the French Institute & Bordeaux City Hall, Fyasko, LA Boutique Paris, Les Crus Bourgeois, and Modelo for their contributions to our exhibition-related programming.

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Exhibiting Artists

Andrew Holder
Andy Howell
Jeff Soto
Mel Kadel
Olivier Specio
Sylvain Havec